Sunday, January 2, 2011

Multiple Lights Over Sandyhills East Of Glasgow Scotland

Date: January 1, 2011
Time: Midnight onward.

Hi Brian: My Mum and Dad, my Wife and I started seeing these unexplained orbs last night, from about the twelve midnight bells onwards. They were completely en-masse at that time then tapered off to the sporadic one's and two's up until around 3:00am. They appeared as round bubble shaped balls, bright piercing orange light emitting, totally silent yet very fast indeed.

All in all I/We saw in the region of 23 to 28 of them. At the time of our first sighting, they were en-masse, perhaps twelve to fifteen of them in the sky at one time. We are located on Sandyhills in the East end of Glasgow and from our vantage point, they seemed to be originating from various directions. We saw some come from the Hampden direction, the Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch, Kilsyth direction, but perhaps the majority were coming from the flight line direction of Glasgow Airport.

Strangely however, they all seemed to be heading in exactly the same direction which I would estimate as East to Southeast. Equally strange was the fact that probably 80% of those that we witnessed were all substantially below the cloud line and the others we would subsequently lose under cloud cover. We tried to capture this on camera still shot and handheld video cam, but without success whatsoever.

I called my Uncle who lives in Cumbernauld and told him that they seemed to be heading definitively in his direction.

He called me back about 45 minutes later and said, although he did not see the quantity that we did, he saw perhaps 5 or 6, but one of the aforementioned was directly overhead. Close enough in fact to get a really close look outside using binoculars. He quite clearly and articulately states that although the light was very bright giving a round shape effect, it was actually a long shape in an East/West form with piercing orange light at the center, but the entire article was surrounded by tiny white lights all the way around.

I have seen Chinese lanterns many times and in many countries and these did not conform to that consistency whatsoever. The light was at no time intermittent as in the case of the lanterns and there was no significant wind to even propel them from so many locations, all in the one direction.

I am quite sure that some people were perhaps quite indifferent to them at first as when we saw them at first, here were also may fireworks/rockets going off all over the city. When that finally curtailed however, the objects had the sky to themselves and they carried with them, some kind of eerie, silent serenity. Not invasive or threatening at all but mind blowing fascinating nevertheless.

I am very interested also, to hear the viewpoints of others who may have witnessed same or similar from other locations. Cheers and Best Regards.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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