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Boomerang UFO Filmed Near The City Of Cali Colombia (Pictures) ?

Date: January 23, 2011
Time: Daytime.

Dear Sirs, last Sunday January 23, 2011, we were visiting a piece of land near the city of Cali, Colombia where I live and where we are planning to start a subdivision project. I was with a professional photographer, taking photos for a brochure of our project.

During the session (on top of a mountain), we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Last Monday January 24, 2011 he sent me a CD with the 130 photos taken that Sunday. I took a look at all of them using my Macbook pro 17" and didn't noticed anything strange. Only Wednesday morning, when I was showing the pictures to my brother, but this time on a 42" LCD TV set, photo #80 had a dark spot between two clouds against the blue sky.

First, we thought that it was a bird, but something about it’s shape and size made me run to my PC and make a zoom over the dark spot.

Photo left: Click on the picture for larger view.

Well, it seems to be an object for sure, not a bird. Perhaps a small aircraft, one of those ultra-light ones? I don't know, because it’s "boomerang" shape is kind of weird.

What really called my attention last night was that I remembered that the photographer was shooting rapidly between pictures. I don't know a thing about photography, but photo #79 and photo #81 are almost identical to photo #80 (you can tell by the clouds that changes only very slightly). The object only appears in photo #80, but it is not there in 79 and 81.

I just called the photographer and ask him if he can get from his camera the timing between the 3 pictures.

To my surprise, these are the times, taken from his Canon Camera ( no tripod):

Photo 79: 11:04:33 AM (Fnumber:9 ; Exposure Time: 1/400).
Photo 80: 11:04:45 AM (Fnumber:9 ; Exposure Time: 1/250).
Photo 81: 11: 04:50 AM (Fnumber:9 ; Exposure Time: 1/250).

The camera is a Canon EOS 40D. Sizes of the original photos are: 5MB, 7,2MB and 7,9MB. The object is nowhere to be seen in Photo 79, appears 12 seconds later in Photo 80 and 5 seconds later disappears in Photo 81!

Photo in it’s original size can be downloaded from this page. Once downloaded please zoom over the small dark object almost in the middle of the photo.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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