Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UFO Reported Sightings Down No

Posted: November 18, 2008

HBCC UFO Research Note: Every now and then I come across someone's article, or a person may email me saying pretty much UFO sightings have slowed down over the years. Each time I read these comments I must say I have to shake my head and wonder what planet these folks are located on, as they sure are not from the planet Earth. It is actually frustrating to hear comments such as these as the folks are certainly not looking around the internet to see what is taking place and to see who is receiving what.

There are stacks of UFOligists all around the world who are receiving reports from people over what they have observed in the day or night sky.

Speaking just for myself here at HBCC UFO Research, sighting reports are certainly flowing in and there is the odd day that I might not have a report in my inbox. On other days, it is all I can do to keep up. So I thought I would give a small example that has showed up here in the way of a photo of a stack of reported sightings. Now this batch goes back to June of 2008 up until today, November 18, 2008. I have another stack of reports which had been packed up into a box and put away as I do run out of room in the small office. So I am not including in the photo 5 months worth of cases/reports.

I should mention that this stack of printed out sighting reports weighs a total of 25pounds.

Photo is provided at this link: *Stack Of UFO Sighting Reports*

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