Sunday, April 12, 2009

Khabarovsk Russian Federation Large Red UFO (Diagram)

Posted: April 12, 2009

Date: 1988
Time: Late evening.

Number of objects: 2
UFO in Khabarovsk (Russian Federation)

It was year 1988. Late evening. The sky was already dark. The moon was full from the East, but when I looked in the direction of West Sky, I saw "another Moon". Yes, it was the same size as the Moon, but red color. It looked like a piece of plasma, or something, that produced a slight illumination around it's surface. The Photoshop image shows it, as I have seen... I don't remember how long it was hanging motionless, but soon it begun to change it's outlines. It seemed to me, the object begun to rotate. The strange black strip in its' middle was moving. Then a small "ball" came out of it and disappeared beneath the horizon. After that, the large one also got smaller and disappeared in the sky.

The UFO hanged above the Amur River. And those, who watched it closer, are telling, they saw a circle reflection on the water surface. It means, it was hanging not high enough.

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