Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rockingham Western Australia 3 Round Orange Bright Objects

Posted: February 10, 2008

Date: August 30, 2007 Time: 9:55 p.m.

Approach Direction: Approaching from the South West travelling North East. Departure Direction: Faded due to cloud cover estimate lost sight last travelling towards North East.

Witness Direction: Facing west, straight out our front gate. Description: Sighted 3 round orange bright glows, Two close togoether above each other slightly angled, and the other higher and further north east than the other pair. I would suggest that the objects were over shoalwater Islands Area when we first spotted them traveling North East towards Palm Beach, We were viewing from near Rockingham City Shopping Centre.

Color/Shape: Bright, Orange, Round, Slight Flicker maybe due to cloud cover

Height & Speed: Travel Approx 2 KM in 5 Min before we lost sight due to cloud cover. Estimate 45 Degree above the horizon couldnt give an accurate hieght.

TV/Radio/Press: No

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

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