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Former Royal Marines Commando Observes Lights From Canary Wharf London UK

Date: October 31, 2010
Time: Between 2000 and 2030hrs

Hello Brian, I had a sighting last night between 2000 and 2030hrs. I was stood at a viewing point above the mezzanine level of the riverside walk at Canary Wharf overlooking the pier for the Thames clippers. From where I stood I had a panoramic of East (toward Greenwich) to West (the City) of the river, South-London (Rotherhithe/ Bermondsey) ahead of me and the far distance over these areas. On a good night stars are visible and aircraft movement also.

I saw two orange lights of the kind reported in recent weeks by other observers who describe the same phenomena. I am close to London City Airport and also worked there a while. I know what recognition signs there are for aircraft on the ground and in the air particularly where there are safety regulations governing aircraft in transit, their lights and behavior. What I saw I knew immediately to be UFO, even more so when compared to other flying vessels at the time in other regions of the airspace allowing me to compare colours, lights, movement, speed and trajectories.

I saw an orange glow arise form the horizon over what approximately looked to be over Surrey Quays, but of course may well have been far further back than it seemed. It was a slow and deliberate trajectory with no sudden of erratic movements. It rose consistently at an angle on my axis that could have been about 315 degrees. It then suspended for about 30 seconds before moving away in the direction I was facing after which it disappeared slowly from view. Naturally I considered that it could be a Chinese lantern and rationalized other possibilities as I have done on other sightings I've had numbering two other occasions. That was until I saw the exact same activity repeat itself soon after the earlier sighting had occurred. Everything was exactly the same and each viewing lasted about 2/3 minutes approximately.

I had a sighting whilst in the Army serving in Sierra Leone in 2000 on board an RFA vessel carrying troops and supplies docked in the port of Freetown from its deck. I immediately brought this to the attention of others and soon there were up to 20 troops on board looking through sights, binos and whatever else could aid our sighting to confirm what we were seeing. After all sorts of possibilities, it was clear that there emerged no credible explanation of what we all viewed for up to an hour in daylight several miles into the distant horizon of the West African coast and into the South Atlantic ocean.

The most recent sighting immediately prior to last night's was also along the same stretch of walk on the Canary Wharf riverside although a stroll of about 5 minutes eastward at a viewing point on the end of Three Colt Street. I saw across South London a rising from the horizon along a consistent trajectory and which came to a halt low level of the skyline and remained there for up to 5 or so minutes. This sighting was more consistent with my more familiar sighting of colour changes in the visibility of UFO, often chameleon-like blue/red/white interchanges and shape distortions. I had this viewing on a warm and clear summer evening around June/July. I brought it to the attention of a passer-by for comments, and clearly we were both at loss for an explanation, just a curious and peculiar activity.

I've had a brief look at your website which came up after I Googled 'UFO sightings South London' out of curiosity. Needless to say I was surprised at clearly numerous similar and noted sightings and even more so of late over the last 3 or so months. I decided to follow-up your request for information on other sightings.

In addition I read on another site reporting the same phenomena in the same region about military helicopter activities in the vicinity of these sightings at strange times and behaving oddly. I have from where I view the river seen many Chinook and at times Sea King helicopters circling over and travelling along the river and yes over South London, but I had always put it down to military transport of personnel particularly SF or high ranking personnel which isn't entirely unheard of, and in view of SIS being located in SW and MOD being in the city the behavior and presence of these aircraft never raised any further interest other than the rarity of them venturing into city areas.

I am a former Royal Marines Commando and have operated being supported by this vehicle and others and am able to identify them, so when another article reported seeing them land in Southwark Park which I know very well, it increased my interest, particularly as it was a sighting of UFO by an observer that led to this further observation of military aircraft near the location of the sighting soon after. I am aware that increased terrorist investigations and activities requiring the deployment of SF military personnel working with other specialized agencies may well be operating in this way for transport and logistics purposes.


If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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