Thursday, October 20, 2011

Orange Red Round Shaped Object Over Bathgate West Lothian Scotland U.K.

Date:  October 18, 2011
Time:  11:00 p.m. – 11:25 p.m. 
Witnesses: 1
Objects: 1
Shape: Roundish
Hi Brian, last night I went out my back door to have a smoke, I had only been out about a minute when I glanced to my left, and I noticed this orange/red roundish shaped object shoot across the sky, from right to left, east to west, horizontal and just off the horizon.
It all happened in a matter of seconds, it was moving that fast.
I do not think I was seeing things ( I hadn't been drinking ). With Regards.
Additional Information:
Hi Brian, Thanks for getting back to me so quick, and sorry for not including the location.

It was not in the U.S.A, it was in the U.K., it was in the town of Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland, U.K.

I live about 18 miles (30 km's ) from Edinburgh Airport, and 40 miles ( 65 km's ) from Glasgow Airport, but the object that  I saw was not in any usual flight path.

The object was moving that fast, it was over in a matter of seconds.

I have not asked anyone else if they saw it, they might think I am not right in the head, my son thinks it was just something burning up on re-entering the atmosphere.

Anyway Brian, thanks for getting back to me.

Have a good weekend, when it comes.

Best Regards.
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