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Orange Lights Seen From Kit Hill Callington Cornwall UK

Date: January 1, 2010
Time: Approx: 12:05 a.m.

Hello Brian, I didn't know you existed until I tried to find out what it was I had seen on 1/1/2010, no disrespect intended.

My wife and I went to the top of Kit Hill on New Year's eve. We just made it and got out of the car with the dogs as Big Ben was striking on Classic FM. We stood under the monument and faced south so we could view the fireworks, especially hoping to see something special from the Hoe. At about five past 12 we saw the first orange/red light. It came from east Plymouth direction passing along the north of Plymouth, Saltash and Liskeard. It headed towards St Austell and the light gradually disappeared. At first we thought it might be an aircraft but the light was continuous, it was also too big for a wing light.

Also, there was no sound. It was an unusual night on Kit Hill because although cold, the sky was almost cloud-free, the moon was full (or thereabouts), and there was very little breeze. Even though the air was close to still and we were away from ambient sounds the object made no noise. The light itself got slightly brighter and larger as it got closer to us and although there seemed to be some variation, this was probably due to ambient firework lights. There was no flickering as such. The odd thing was not just the absence of noise, but that in spite of there being very good visibility we could not make out any kind of superstructure.

From when we first saw it, to when it faded towards St Austell was about 3 minutes. It could not have been carried along with the wind. It was clearly travelling purposefully. About a minute after the light disappeared another could be seen, in fact we saw another three until we left at about 12:25. The description above applied exactly to the other three we saw. The only difference was that instead of travelling towards the St Austell area, the three went just to the south of Callington, over Bodmin Moor and towards a Newquay direction. We therefore had a slightly closer view, not that this seems to have helped identify what they were. While Newquay is a very rough approximation of the objects' direction, I have flown the Plymouth, Newquay, Gatwick flight many times.

It was all very odd, whatever these objects were, they were on a determined course at a consistent speed. As for view, we were likely in the best possible location to see these objects.

We have never seen anything like this before, and I hasten to add, we celebrated New Year after we returned home.

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