Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bright Balls Of Light Over Perth Scotland UK

Date: January 1, 2010
Time: 12.05 a.m.

On 1st January my son and I went to look from our kitchen window at the fireworks being set off to celebrate the New Year. We live in Perth, Scotland and we have a panoramic view facing North. It was 12.05am when we saw a very bright light coming from the North. It moved at the speed of a helicopter. The light remained constant. There were no flashing aircraft type lights and although we were inside we could hear no noise. At a guess maybe about 10,000 feet. It passed overhead Perth.

Not long afterwards another similar light appeared with exactly the same flight path. ( Just to the east of Dunkeld) I looked at them both through a pair of binoculars, but I could see no detail except a bright ball of light. As this one was passing overhead another two lights appeared from the west of Dunkeld. They were quite distant and eventually disappeared behind some cloud. I read that there may be other sightings of these lights at the same time.

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