Friday, January 8, 2010

Red/Orange Balls Of Light Over Shropshire UK - Chinese Lanterns

Date: January 1, 2010
Time: Midnight.

Any reports of sightings at midnight 31 December. Shropshire midnight.

I was looking out of my window of fireworks from great hay golf club as we are directly opposite the hotel with the gorge and river between us both on top of hill. Hotel Madeley side. We are Broseley side near Woodbridge pub. We saw 3 red/orange balls of light and thought were fireworks until they kept coming towards the house at constant speed and constant distance. Height was difficult to say, but if 2000 feet high.

The speed would be approx: 300 mph and obviously rising apportionally with height. Suddenly lead light seemed to rise vertically and disappear into the stars or did the light contract and glow dim to zero ? I looked back for other 2 balls, they too had gone. Two minutes later, 6 further balls rolled across the sky from same direction northeast same speed and constant distant, but last three in triangle formation. Unable to see if the 6 disappeared the same as first three as they went behind tress and high ground as viewed from different angle.

Assume many reports as there were many firework displays.

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