Tuesday, January 19, 2010

UFO Was A Perfect Isosceles Triangle Seen Over Margarita Island Venezuela

Date: October 2009
Time: Approx: 10:30 p.m.

I had a similar experience last year, but not in England. I saw it in Margarita Island, Venezuela. There it is a description of the UFO I saw.

It was October 2009 about 10:30 in the night, we were two people and we were looking at the sky over the sea. We had a visibility of 180 grades, with the direction towards the south in front of us, therefore the west was in our right and of course the east to the left. The night was clear and we were looking west where the international airport of Margarita Island is. We were looking, just above the horizon the lights of the airplanes. It was at that instant when I saw three lights coming from the west, from the same place the airplanes were flying. The lights were moving with an incredible speed towards us. I only had time to cry. What the hell is that?

When the lights already were flying over our position. At first I thought that there were three separated war planes, but when the object was on us, I could see the figure of the object like that of a perfect isosceles triangle. It had three white lights in the vertices, the colour of the UFO was very dark (could be black). It was huge, could be the size of half football's camp. It made no sound at all. The UFO disappeared flying in the direction north-east. I think that the phenomenon only lasted of 3 to 5 second, time in which it flew over the horizon completely, with an altitude between nine hundred to thousand five hundred meters.

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