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Bright Orange Yellow Lights Witnessed In The Sky Over Seychelles

Date: January 13, 2010
Time: Late night.

Hi there, I too saw the mysterious lights over Seychelles on that day. Is there any explanation as to what happened. I was going to film it, but then I thought someone surely has to be responsible for this. (I am of the opinion there is some sort of logical explanation for this). The lights originated near the north of Mahe, near Glacis, and kept a straight line heading towards the south. At first it seemed like aircraft, but the lights were very bright and no noise emanated from them. They definitely were not aircraft. Best regards.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, I was alerted to a bright light in the sky by my wife who was sitting on the outside verandah. It was late at night most likely on the date that is mentioned on your website. She asked if it was a plane, as it was a huge yellow to white colour light slowly going across the sky at a steady pace. I thought initially it was, but it was not accompanied by a sound which was rather odd.

Then another and another and another went by emanating from the same place, and following the same flight pattern. I thought it might be fireworks as was the huge brightness of the lights, but definitely it was not flying up then falling, rather it seemed to be coming from the ground at the north of Mahe island, reaching a height in the air, and keeping a steady course all the way across the sky. I am not sure of the numbers, but 11 sounds just about right as it was quite a number of them.

It was too bright a light to be an aeroplane, and did not have the usual blinking flight lights that aeroplanes have. It was a solid very large light with no sound. I tried to play it a bit cool, because she was convinced this was something unbelievable she was seeing, and I completely sort of dismissed it a little until I heard of your report that was featured in the Rising Sun newspaper here in Seychelles.

I know for sure other people must have seen it, and speaking to others whilst not seeing it themselves, have thought, because we have quite a few American warships and personnel staying here at the moment that it may have come from them.

It looked like a flare to tell you the truth, but the only thing countering that was that it continued in flight rather that fall down, as like I have said. It seemed to come from the ground to the north of the island. It certainly didn't look like it originated from the air. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for it, and that may surface, but hey if not, I'm happy with that also.

Sorry Brian, it was more of a bright orange light than yellow. Cheers.

Let me know if it is explained. Cheers.

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