Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Orange Lights - Chinese Lanterns Flew From Burtonwood, Warrington UK

Dear Vike Factor:

Just to let you know we set off 10 flying Chinese lanterns that flew from Burtonwood, Warrington out towards Widnes/Cheshire and presumably on to Ellesmere Port. We let 4 go around 10pm ish, then another 1 around 11.30 following by another one at 11.35 and then the final 4 at 11.55. They have a flight duration of 20 minutes and it was windy so they would have progressed quite quickly. I also think that other people were letting them off too as they were widely available from the pound shops!

My friend let 4 off again from Burtonwood at 8.00pm! Hope this explains it, the reason I googled UFO sightings was because the very first time I saw one I too thought it was a UFO, but later learned it was a Chinese Lantern which obviously get used on New Years eve! Hope this helps explain a possible reason for the sightings, though nothing is ever 100% and the sightings may genuinely have been UFO sightings – who knows? Regards.

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