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Strange Orange Light Coming From Coatbridge UK (Picture)

Date: January 1, 2010
Time: Approx: 6:45 p.m.

Hello, this PC isn't working too well. Last night around 6:45 on 1.1.10 this bright orange roundish light came towards us from the Coatbridge area on the outskirts of Glasgow, that is coming from my right hands side (SW) towards us. We were out with the dogs in the back garden, it came so far over and then stopped. I went in to get the camera and my husband said when I returned seconds later it had started pulsating and glowing even more, then it decided to shrink as such.

Now it was very biggish to begin with and quite low, but it started to get smaller and smaller and we couldn't find it with the camera, but at the last minute he managed to capture this small dot away up high and when I enlarged the red dot, it was still bright orange with a white centre. Would one of these Chinese Lanterns fly in a straight line, become stationary for a while without moving at all and then pulsate, before starting to get smaller as it seemed to fly upwards out of our vision.

I have sent a picture of it , the small red dot in the corner, before it was enlarged, and one of it enlarged and would like to know if you think this was a Chinese lantern as my hubbie said it is what the papers said it was, but I have my doubts. The funny coloration is my husbands breath we think as it was a very chilly evening. Enlarge the second picture to see the real shape, it don't look like a lantern to me. Thanks for your attention.

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