Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Burning Bright Orange Object Seen Over Bradford West Yorkshire England UK

Date: January 3, 2010
Time: Evening.

Hi, I'm trying to find out if anyone else saw the odd light in the sky over Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, on Sunday, 3rd Jan, 2010. It looked like a fire burning, bright orange, moved like an airplane, but with no sound that we could hear, didn't appear to have any exhaust fumes or vapour trails and most definitely wasn't a 'plane, hot air balloon, weather balloon or anything else we could think of.

Five adults watched it from the doorstep as it passed over house roofs and out of sight, from our perspective it travelled about 1 mile in maybe 30 or so seconds.
I took a photo with my mobile, but of course it only came out as a tiny dot in the centre of the frame. I haven't yet downloaded this to my pc and perhaps I'll be able to blow it up a little.

My curiosity is killing me! Did anyone else report it on this date? My sister said she has seen something similar a few days before this sighting; did any else? Warmest regards.

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