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UFO Sightings Over Palestrina, Italy

Posted: July 14, 2008

Date: July 12, 2008
Time: 11:00 p.m. - 11.40 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Palestrina, Italy.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 6+
Shape of objects: 3 different shapes; circular and triangular.

Full Description of event/sighting: Initially I saw a whitish coloured sphere slightly bigger than a star moving unusually slowly across the sky, it continued in it's path without burning out, it most definitely wasn't a shooting star. We saw about 6 of these objects throughout the course of the sighting in various points in the sky, sometimes moving in pairs. I can't definitely say it wasn't the same two reappearing in different areas of the sky.

We were attempting remain unbiased at this point as I didn't consider it to be absolute proof. After the first sighting we moved to a clearer area which allowed us to view a larger expanse of sky; the city where we witnessed this from has a very high altitude, it is in fact almost at the top of a mountain and the sky was extremely clear, no clouds.

We then saw what we take to be an aeroplane approaching us with a flight path almost directly over our heads. Behind this at a close distance followed another white coloured sphere, which we agree to have been about the size of a small caravan in relation to the aeroplane. As we watched this object it produced a brilliant white flash which increased its size but about a third, to me it appeared to take on an elongated almond shape, almost like a cats eye. This continued for 2 seconds and then returned to its original size. I can't recall whether it then vanished, or if we watched it until the plane passed.

As I've mentioned we saw the white spherical orbs throughout this, it was in fact a stream of sightings lasting for approximately 40 minutes. From our view point we could see in the direction of the south of Rome, and in this area of the sky perhaps 20-30 miles away there appeared two round glowing amber objects. I can only speculate that they may have been the size of a football pitch, they seemed this to me because of their size and relative distance from us.

These were still when we noticed them, and far apart, we watched them move towards each other and cross paths, then they both stopped and the one on the left began to move back in the opposite direction, it didn't turn, it just stopped and started in the opposite direction. the other amber object at this time changed to a smaller red flashing light, which also flashed orange at times, it appeared smaller then, about a quarter of its size from when it was amber. I personally thought I saw the amber object on the left admit a glow similar to the orb following the plane just before it changed direction, but only I saw it so I can't verify it.

The final type of craft we witnessed was triangular in shape and easily mistaken for a plane, but for the facts that it was silent, and seemed to emit a constant blue/light blue glow. Because of the high we were at and the clarity of the night we could see that it was a solid triangular shape, it had reddish lights along the back of the craft also and they flashed in what I would describe as a strobe like manner. The way this object moved was at an odd angle, It appeared to me that it was gaining altitude rapidly and flying in a curve, not like a aeroplane in any way. We watched it until it became smaller and beyond our field of vision.

Finally something happened which left us in no doubt of what we had witnessed. We were on a mountain range, and could see a mountain to probably south west of us, I'd say 40 miles away. Over this mountain appeared the amber object which then switched to the flashing orange and red object. Although the mountain would have been 40 miles away, I would guess that this object was not directly over it, it may have been double that distance. As we watched it, it began to bob up and down (still amber) then rose higher in the sky and began to move in our direction. As it flew towards us it changed colour as I have said, and I noticed another flashing red night appear directly in the middle of the Plough constellation, It too began to move in the same direction, and because of where we were positioned this meant that it was moving away from us. The original amber/flashing red-orange object picked up tremendous speed and flew almost over our heads, it followed the other object and flew out of our field of vision. We had witnessed this thing fly perhaps a land distance of 50 miles in less than a minute.

We saw a few other things that night but these are what I clearly remember. Somehow it felt like when we had seen this last flight that it was over and it stopped as abruptly as it had started. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it before.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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