Sunday, January 27, 2008

Near Brighton Sussex. UK Small Orbs White Spinning & Sparkling

Posted: January 27, 2008

Date: May 14, 2007 Time: 10:30 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research Note: Three UFO reports came into HBCC UFO Research this morning from the same gentleman. Sighting reports that are submitted by way of "News For My Site" I am not able to reply to folks sending in their reports. Although I have the witnesses name, I don't have a returning email address to chat to the witness over the sightings, which total 3 different events.

There were clear skies and bright stars. The sighting lasted for 3 minutes. Exactly on Greenwich Meridian facing West. I'm reporting this incident because I have seen so many ETV/UFO's so often I thought it was time. Looking out of my window, window fully open looking above the rooftops of my neighbors houses.

The number of UFOs seen were 3 at an approximate height of under a thousand feet. My estimation of the size of the objects were half a thumbnail, sometimes smaller.

Number of Witnesses: 1

Exactly on Greenwich Meridian facing West. I'm reporting this incident because I have seen so many ETV/UFO's so often I thought it was time.The specific's are the same each time. Small orbs white spinning & sparkling moving North to South, South to North. I always check with my Binoculars and Telescope. They move regularly and often flash or strobe before unmasking and appearing as a disc or cylinder. This object always starts off with a strobe flashing white then 3 white 1 red then 4 white 1 red the objects always fly directly from the West to east curving over the Ocean. They are always silent. They often via off at obscure angles. Often the red strobe can appear in 3 or 4 or more locations sequentially in less than a second but always returning to a whole. Tonight I was monitoring through a small telescope and binoculars I was looking up, diagonal, down, left, right, up, far left ,far right and then returning to the center where the original white orb was sighted. I have noted many times and on this specific night a translucent very transparent but very visible scan or beam swinging like a pendulum on the houses and cars in my street not one beam but several. Easter weekend I saw some sort of particle Beam or Scala weapon shot at exactly the object I was looking at. It originated North West of my location from the ground.It left a visible undulating chemtrail and curved over towards Newhaven. It appeared silently in less than a second and must have been many miles long. There was a very bright moon and no noise. This vapor trail/beam residue went almost exactly under the moon (in perspective) as I looked up but it was only a few hundred feet up. It was as wide a car and was not a firework or pyrotechnic. My house has also been vibrating often between 1:00am and Sunrise. I'm not joking the walls the bed, my wooden table all hum very gently. And these objects are always there. This is the same area as the very notable police traffic helicopter video of 2001.


Thank you to the witness for their report.

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