Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fire Lights, Life Long Dreams And UFOs

Posted: January 22, 2008

The story comes from a kind man willing to share his story with me. There are two portions, the first his original report, then an update. This report is in his words.

I had, as a child (maybe from 7 years old to my early 20s) many dreams that were UFO oriented. I had at least a hundred dreams that were very precise. I saw other people in my dreams with distinctive features. We all always would be climbing a high type of mountain. It never seemed to be much of a struggle getting to the top of the mountain, but the anticipation of seeing the saucers was great. When they came, they always put on a demonstration in flying. They would fly in (40 0f them) such zig zags that I could never even imagine something like that. I was there. We would gather in one place, it seemed to be at a beach. The same people would often be there. The last time that this happened was when they chased us. I remember hiding in some bushes, they hovered over me. I was very scared. I woke up after that and never had the dream again.

I had 15 years of that. A year after that 15 year experience I had a dream that I remembered to this day. I am 47 now and a successful business man with a family. It has been many years but as I recall, I was standing by myself, it was dark and gloomy. There was a flood of water and explosions. All the people were screaming and panicking. All of a sudden there was this man next to me who put this wall around us both. We were safe. Next we flew into the air and started touring the ruins, I saw out hair blowing in the wind and the feeling of flying was with me. I kept looking down at earth with all the fire and floods. I thin it was something in the future. It was a horrible sight to see. I hope it was just a bad dream, but for some reason, I don't think so.

What I'm writing for is another experience I had along with my wife. It happened when I was 28 years old. I was on my honeymoon in of all places Las Vegas. The first night we were there we were awoken at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. We both woke up at the same time to 1000s of fire lights shooting throughout the room. We were both paralyzed and couldn't move. We felt a strong presence in the room all the time the fire lights were streaming through the room. This went for 15 minutes. My wife was crying so loud, mainly because we couldn't move. I will never forget it. If you or anyone knows what this was, please reply.

The above letter was the first I received, I replied asking some more questions, to get an idea where this actually took place (exact location), and for some other UFO reports which were mentioned to me. Below is his second letter to me.

I stayed at a hotel that currently is right next door to the Bally's Casino. It was a long time ago. It might of been called he Imperial Palace. This was in the early 1980s. I recently went back with my second wife, she took care of all the reservations and don't know when I looked out my 12th floor window. I was facing the very place and room I stayed in 20 years earlier. I took a walk one day by myself and stood right in front of the room, it was an eerie feeling. The room was bottom floor, right by a huge outdoor pool. I have once seen a ghost and twice seen a UFO, but that experience in Vegas was by far the scariest. We couldn't move for 15 minutes, as we had a force pushing against our chest.

The UFO sighting happened in the mid 1970s. Both sightings took place within 6 months of each other. The first sighting (keep in mind that all my notes of the paranormal experiences were always witnessed with another person present) was in North Carolina at 1:00 AM. We were coming home from a Florida trip, it was right around Easter. We pulled into a large gas station which wasn't a very populated area. Route 95 at that time was a 2 lane highway, on lane each way. We were in farm fields as there were no houses, just telephone poles and fields. When we pulled into the gas station a cop car came over immediately and asked me if I had seen a UFO. He said that for the last few nights they had been around, but I didn't really take him seriously and got on our way. I was listening to a tape (the group Yes), and I will never forget that, we passed by a really bad bus accident and seemed like a very odd type of accident as there were very few cars on the road and yet 2 collided with a Greyhound Bus. People were hurt and the police kept us moving past the accident. As we continued down this lonely road passing very few cars, we saw what looked like a helicopter. It was in the far distance, but could see the lights with no obstacles blocking the view. As it got closer, we realized it had no jets and no propellers. It seemed to be following us down the highway once it got closer. I remember feeling a similar sensation with my last dream of UFOs. I was frightened, so was my passenger. We pulled over, as there were no other cars on such a dark night.

This ship passed right over us and hovered for about 30 seconds, we didn't know what to do except stand there outside the Van. We didn't lose any time or anything like that. The object was maybe 50 yards above us, it had a white light and a red light flashing. It looked like nothing I've ever seen before. No noise, then moved down the road putting on a beam of light flashing it on and off. We stayed there until it was out of visual sight. Four months after I saw this, I was traveling on the southern state parkway on Long Island (that is where I have lived my whole life) getting off the Hicksville road exit. I got off and saw maybe 20 cars pulled over and pointing to the sky, this was summer time and around 7:00 PM and still light out. It was the same exact craft I had witnessed before. It flew from Jones Beach south shore across the island and headed toward Connecticut.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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