Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lancaster - Liverpool, UK Two Orb Like Objects

Posted: January 27, 2008

Date: May 22, 2007 Time: 03:00 gmt.

Approach Direction: Appeared from west. Departure Direction: South - northwest. Witness Direction: South.

Description: Initially two orb like objects both bright white. Both objects where approx: no more than 30 feet from each other. When initially seen one of the orb objects changed from white to blue before breaking off downwards into a field where I lost sight. The second object continued on my current course southbound on the M6 crossing over in front of me not flashing nor an irrational flight. One minute going straight then crossing over me before crossing back to the right side (movement was not that of any craft nor any other flashing identification lights) I had made a short stop off at the services which I had kept a fixed eye on this object at which time had stopped moving as my eye line had it fixed with an object in my view. Once I had departed again 5mins later the object had started moving again. taking into account when I initially saw this orb it was adjacent to my right and seemed like it was moving at the same speed as I was driving for a short period before it sped a little dimming when I could see it gaining height then coming back towards me on its path never passing overhead but adjacent to the motorway. At any time could I explain this rationally. I finished my journey heading onto the M58 at which the object I approximately could see that it was over Liverpool still in my eye view. I found this sighting to be extraordinary as I personally could not explain.

Color/Shape: Orb, circular. white.

Height & Speed: no more than 100 feet - 500 feet, 60 mph increasing and decreasing at times.

TV/Radio/Press: no I have not reported nor have I seen any reports on television or radio?

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

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