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Glyn Ciriog North Wales Disc Shaped UFO (Close Encounter)

Date: April 10, 1996
Time: Approx: 7:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Glyn Ciriog North Wales
Number of witnesses: 6
Number of objects: 2 Shape of objects: One was a disc the other was a sphere.

Full Description of event/sighting: My partner Steve and I rented a cottage for the weekend in Glyn Ciriog, N. Wales. We went with his sister and uncle, his nephew and my son.

We'd been out walking for the day, got back to the cottage and had some food. I had gone upstairs to unpack and have a wash etc... I heard Steve calling my name so I went outside to investigate.

He told me to look in the distance because he could see some lights in the clouds. It was a very overcast night, it had been raining for most of the day.

At first I could see nothing, I had to really concentrate to see anything at all. Then I spotted a flickering in the clouds very far away, it was so small.

My initial thought was that it was lightening until I realized that the flashing followed a uniformed pattern.

We shouted for the others to come outside and look. They came out and we stood there watching the regular pattern of lights which seemed to be moving nearer to our position and was traveling in a zig zag fashion.

After a while the lights started to move towards us a bit faster. I still think to this day that "it" noticed us.

It came to be right in front of us over a field then it changed it's position to be right above our heads at about 200 feet max. We were all whooping and hollering. I can tell you that we felt no threat which still bothers me.

It was above us for maybe ten or fifteen minutes when something caught my attention and I looked behind me. I saw a mist on the ground in front of some trees which was glowing a grey white light which gave the appearance of a smaller spherical craft which pulsed every two seconds.

I drew the others attention to it, they looked and said "Oh yes" and we all promptly forgot about it and continued to look up at the disc shaped craft above our heads.

This one had a centre circle of light with an outer ring of light but lines of light were coming from the centre to the outer ring and they were rotating.

We could not see the craft itself because it was inside the clouds but very low to us as we were on top of a hill. It reminded me of the underside of a mushroom and at times looked like a neon jelly fish as the light moved through the different densities of the clouds.

My son who was five at the time became very scared. We had told the children that it was nothing to worry about because it was lights from a farmers tractor reflecting off the underside of the clouds.

After a while as it came to be above us, this reason didn't wash with them. He tugged on my jumper and told me that a hand had come through the hedge in front of us and touched his foot. It didn't occur to us that these crafts might have had occupants.

We all went inside the house to take the children back in. The two other adults went straight into the living room and started watching television and Steve began to either wash up or dry the dishes, I cannot recall which. I looked at everyone is total disbelief.

You would think we had just been watching a few fireworks and that the show was over but these things were still outside.

To this day I have no idea what possessed me but I stomped back outside and continued to watch the craft from below it on my own. No one tried to stop me and I had forgotten about the craft on the ground and the hand immediately.

I stood underneath it watching it until I heard footsteps running behind me. I have no idea if this was anything other than an animal but it scared the hell out of me because it brushed past my back and dragged my jumper.

At this point I ran for my life. I did not look back so I have no idea what it was, it could have been a sheep but I don't believe it was because a sheep would probably only reach my backside and not above my waist.

I ran into the house and was very, very frightened. I told Steve what had happened and he calmly looked at the clock and said "well you weren't out there long so you haven't any missing time". Looking back that was a very strange statement to make.

I made him lock the doors and close the curtains. We put the children to bed and I sat in the middle of the bed totally petrified. I was having a panic attack. Steve did his best to calm me down but I would not be left alone, not even to go to the toilet.

My memory from here is not very good, I think due to the massive rush of adrenalin I had, parts of my memory function were shutting down. All I can recall is that we all went to bed and went to sleep.

I did not look out of the windows again, I didn't dare. I don't know if Steve did either. Never the less we did go to bed and I believe that the craft(s) stayed behind.

This event made me very Ill. I became withdrawn and depressed. I now know that I have suffered from PTSD. It changed my life completely.

My experience has been featured in UFO Data magazine and since this time I have been an active researcher in the topic and I have spoken publicly. I have never reported this story to another party other than the UFO Data team.

Please contact me if you wish to know any further details. Regards.

Thank you to the witness for this fascinating report.

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