Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stockport Express Newspaper Article Quoting Myself And Nick Pope

Posted: September 3, 2008

The Stockport Express newspaper just put out an a news article which involved reports of UFO sightings over Stockport in the U.K. A nice reporter from the Stockport Express by the name of Matthew Davis contacted me a while ago for some information on sightings in there area, and most recently Matthew Davis sent me a picture of three orange lights in the photo. Matthew asked for my input about the objects in the photo which I gladly provided suggesting the orange lights were Chinese lanterns. Which I do believe to this day.

I guess Matthew also contacted Nick Pope in the U.K. for his input, Nick admits that there have been alot of lanterns reported sightings in the UK, but in this case with the picture the newspaper received, Nick believes it may not be lanterns, but rather a large UFO. The lights were is a triangular formation when the photo was taken.

Well I thought I would add a report that came into me today, in other words a eyewitness to these orange lights. They were indeed lanterns and not a large UFO which was suggested by Nick Pope. The reason why I am writing this little bit up is, we don't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill. These were nothing more than lanterns, not some giant UFO !

To read the Full Article, please visit the Stockport Express newspaper online: *Did Close Encounter Light Up Our Skies?*

Below, one witnesses words about what he witnessed. Also there are some others who saw these lights and reported them as lanterns, not UFOs.

Stockport UFO sighting (Sept 30th)

Today's Stockport Express (Stockport, England) quotes you (Brian) as saying that recent sightings like this one turned out to be Chinese lanterns.
I can confirm that this was absolutely true in this case.

The lanterns passed at low altitude over my house and you see quite clearly what they were. They had obviously been released one at a time and were therefore spaced slightly apart.

As they gained height and speed in the wind they kept 'formation' and were clearly visible for the next 45 minutes or so. I can fully understand why they were reported as UFOs. Sadly they weren't.

(name removed), Stockport, England

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