Thursday, April 30, 2015

Witness In The RAF Observes Lights On A Huge UFO/Craft Over Brize Norton Oxfordshire U.K.

Date:  April 25, 2015
Time:  Approximately 9:30 p.m.

Hi, I saw something I couldn't explain on drive home around 10 miles from Brize Norton yesterday late during rain storm. Typed buzz words in to Google to see if anything came close and your article appears to be similar in description and area of sighting.

Firstly, I'm serving in RAF and work with aircraft every day, so I'm hoping this sounds slightly more credible. I noticed three bright lights at a slight angle in sky which had me thinking they could of been landing lights on an aircraft on finals, I saw what I thought was the port side light, (red) so knew it was making a left turn.

At this point it was huge, and I mean we were doing 65 and were not catching up to this thing as it was turning towards us which made me think it was massive.

When it straightened up, there was no green starboard light, but another red one, it was travelling away to our right at a steady speed, still not getting any closer to it. Then to my astonishment which I still cannot explain the outer white lights which I presumed were on the wing tips started rotating around the center light in an anti-clockwise direction, and actually turned upside down.

For an aircraft that big travelling that slow to be able to completely turn upside down and then continue to fly along at that speed is impossible and that is what made me search for anything like this.

Your story of a triangular object that is huge in size with the same light set up in the same area made me have to let you know what I witnessed. Saw it about 2130. No explanation.

Thank you to the eyewitness for their report.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Seventh Holy Man By William Brazzel

Book Description:

The Vatican has been overrun, and many people have been murdered by Swiss Guards in St. Peter's Square. Attempting to understand the cause of this unbelievable event, Sean Carrol, an investigative reporter for the New York International News, undertakes the responsibility of investigating the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.

He is challenged as he attempts to understand the link between the ancient kingdom of Malar and the current-day events taking place in the Vatican. As the hierarchy within the Vatican takes extreme steps to complete a plan of secularizing the Catholic Church, many strange occurrences arise. Sean is perplexed as he attempts to secure clues that will answer the additional unexplained questions that have emerged during his investigation.

The involvement of some high-ranking officials within the Vatican raises more suspicion about the seriousness of the activities taking place within the church. Several deaths have been attributed to the progress of Sean Carrol's investigation and the potential threats to those in the Vatican hierarchy.
With the potential destruction of the Catholic Church at hand, there must be a revival of the seven holy men who represent the Seven Spirits of God. They provide the only means of protecting the church. In reality, even with their intervention, there is no guarantee that the church will be preserved.

About the Author:

William Brazzel has been the owner and president of a property and casualty agency located in New Jersey for the past 30 years. During this time he has dreamed of creating an original science fiction book that will be enjoyed by others.

His love of science fiction began in 1956 while he viewed a movie at Mount Calvary elementary school in Forestville, Maryland. This original movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" made such an impression on him that he carried this love of science fiction throughout his life.
The book "The Seventh Holy Man" was created by William over an eight month period. He spent every moment possible researching and writing the story while at his home in Morris Plains, New Jersey. The time invested was huge; however, he believes that all Sci-Fi lovers will thoroughly enjoy this book.
Currently, William is planning his next manuscript. Like "The Seventh Holy Man", the new book promises to be clearly different from anything you have read before.

Find out more at: and you can also purchase the book on Amazon at: