Saturday, September 13, 2008

Barnstaple North Devon England UK 3 Pronged Black Retractable Triangular Devise

Posted: September 13, 2008

Date: September 12, 2008
Time: 2:45 a.m.

Hi Brian, As you may remember Brian , I've told you before that we've seen phenomenon in our room late at night before, however, we haven't seen anything for a while now, until the very early hours of the morning.

Every night I always leave our landing light on, with our bedroom door ajar so as to let some light into our room until my husband comes to bed. Then he switches it off before getting into bed.

I was in bed, having been asleep, my husband was still up, he was down stairs. I had woke up and went to move over onto my left side and as I did so, I found myself staring up into an object that I can only describe as some kind of (3) pronged, black, retractable triangular formation, telescopic type device (it did not appear as though it had come through the ceiling, it was just there, hanging in mid-air. As I gasped in shock, it retracted "immediately" as though it was a living, responding thing, to my emotion and sudden movements. As it retracted in on itself, it turned from being a 3 pronged (for want of a better description ! - sorry) retractable telescopic type instrument, to simply (3) circular dots of dull/dim white lights that then moved off/out at an angle and away, literally vanishing in the area of our bedroom window up and out, through the ceiling above the bedroom window. I was able to track it's motion (I was by then sat bolt up-right !). I looked at the time on our digital clock radio on the dressing table below our bed, it said 2.45am.

I was so shocked I had switched on our bedside light too, to get even more light. Then got out of bed, went to the bathroom to get a "reality" check, splashed myself with water, yelled down to my husband and asked if he was ok (which he answered, yes he was ok would be up in minute) then I got back into bed, left the bedside light on as well !.

I didn't mention anything to my husband as it would have freaked him out too (it was bad enough when we both saw something possibly scanning our room last year !) except, my husband's always been very skeptical/very scientific minded until he started seeing things too, sometimes when I hadn't seen or felt anything.

I wasn't going to write to you about this Brian, but thought I should, incase, someone else writes to you and describes the same sort of thing.
If you like, you can use this, however, I thought it may be best to just keep for your reference maybe ?.

I should mention here, that I am not taking any medications. I do realize that there is hypnopompic/hypnagogic sleep states. All I can say is, that to me I was awake and I know what I saw. Anyways, I've told you now !.

Many thanks, hope your back's much better now Brian ?. ( I'll be sleeping with my light on again tonight!! :(Name removed - Barnstaple North Devon England)

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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