Monday, September 15, 2008

Dublin, Ireland People Report Of Points Of Light In Their Bedroom

Posted: September 15, 2008

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Hi Brian, I’ve contacted you before regarding a large V-shaped formation before over the coast in Dublin Ireland. When I read the above link I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. About three months ago myself and my partner witnessed three points of light on the "inside" of our bedroom window. The lights were bright green and in an equilateral triangle formation. The scary thing was that the window was in front of us and the lights were on the inside of the window on wooden blinds as if being projected from behind us. We were both shocked by this and I got out of bed and ran outside to see if I could see anything. Needless to say there was nothing to be seen anywhere. I felt like I had to have an answer to this, it was so strange and I stayed up for a while that night wondering what it could have been. I don’t know where the lights came from. Was there also a device in the room? I don’t know! I think the person who sent in the story on the above link would be interested to hear this account too. Keep up your great work Brian and thanks for listening!

Thank you to the witness for reporting this unusual event.

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