Monday, September 22, 2008

Bramsche, Germany Two Round Shaped Lights

Posted: September 22, 2008

Date: August 9, 2008
Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Two lights, round?
Weather Conditions: Cloudy, at about 2000-3000 feet MSL.

Description: Well we were standing out side drinking some coffee and watching the kids play. It was getting dark so it was around 9:45 to 10:00 PM. Then my wife sees something from 147 degrees (SSE)heading north.

Although there is a glider airport nearby this was not a glider or plane (I am a pilot). At first I thought it was a glider, but we heard no sound, it was low, I think about 1500-1300 feet.

After a few seconds (about 20-35) I couldn't see it anymore and though that it must have went into the clouds.

Don't know what it was but it felt kind of weird.

TV/Radio: Not reported.

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

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