Wednesday, September 3, 2008

North Of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Unknown Objects (Animations)

Posted: September 3, 2008

Date: September 3, 2008
Time: 6:00 a.m.

Location of Sighting: North of Buenos Aires province, Argentina.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 3 to 6, possibly more
Shape of objects: points of light - though more like planets than stars.

Full Description of event/sighting: We were 15 minutes from landing at Ezeiza International Airport, nearing dawn, on American Airlines 909, Miami-Buenos Aires.

From the Equator southwards, I have been checking out the Milky Way by dark-rooming myself with the blanket to block internal glare and reflections in this perfect no-moon environment. You could see so much light specs that you could barely recognize the main constellations; I oriented myself by following Jupiter through its arc on the sky and its reflection on the 777 wing surface. Throughout the night, I saw my normal share of meteors and sharp flashes (iridium satellites? supernovae? orbiting debris?) you usually see when flying at 39,000 feet.

Then as the pilot was announcing the beginning of landing maneuvers, I caught what seemed to be a satellite on his steady route. But suddenly, a faster object started trailing it at a different speed, catching up with it and playing some sort of game of tags. It was at this point that I noticed other similar and smaller objects moving around at what seemed leisure. I consciously moved and rolled my head sideways and up and down to make sure it was not a case of eye floaters or other eye ghost image: they stayed in their relative spot to the stars and object. They all headed north and sort of faded out. It reminded me of that famous Space Shuttle STS-48 video in which a UFO is seen reversing direction, and then shot at with a powerful flash as if from somewhere in the atmosphere.

Almost immediately, another game started, but it seemed as if the same two objects had re-materialized somewhere else (further south); I explained the disappearing and materializing effect as a few different ships getting coincidentally in and out of the cone of darkness; in subsequent deeper analysis I realized this didn't explain the fading in-and-outs. They vanished again.

Then I caught the same main duo -with the other small phenomena surrounding it as tiny satellites or magnetized sparks with a definite volition- and they followed the same pattern of catching up and speeding unevenly. By then the plane was flying so low that the haze layer made any further identification impossible.

I am familiar with most celestial phenomena, most planets, main stars and constellations. I am always looking up, and I've seen my share of things that don't fit anywhere but in the UFO files. These were objects flying at the fringes or above our atmosphere. They looked like a tiny dot -not a point- and their magnitude was around the -1 factor (or right in between a bright satellite and a not-so-bright ISS pass).

In all three instances, one object seemed to behave like a satellite and the second one would seem do the uneven bursts of speed and angle, looping around, and freezing in place. Maybe they were both 'playing satellite' indeed as I think I noticed a change in speed in both elements, though it's very easy to misjudge this without a fixed frame of reference.

What is certain is that their relative distance and speed were wildly changing. They also seemed to start from a stand-still ghosting other stars' position. I have made three small animations (animated gif files) showing the movements, so I will email them to you separately.

Thanks for your great work, Brian: you provide a dedicated channel for people in need to express openly what society neglects and shuns. Your dedication is truly commendable.

Thank you to the witness for the great report and the animations of what was witnessed.

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