Saturday, December 10, 2011

UFO Moves Toward Witnesses At Westexe South Tiverton UK

Date: 1960’s
Time: Late evening.

Sometime during the sixties, I cannot remember the year during the late evening in Westexe South Tiverton. We were saying goodbye to friends when we noticed a globe of light which appeared to be circling the town and gradually losing altitude.

It became apparent that the object was in fact solid and illuminated in some way, we were unable to calculate the size. One of our friends took a powerful torch from his vehicle which he flashed in the direction of the object, to our surprise the object became immediately stationery and began to move in our direction.

At this point the ladies became very frightened returning to the house, followed by one of the males. The object continued to approach my friend and I, at this point we became very uneasy we to returned to the house losing sight of the object.

Following much discussion, and I must admit regaining our nerve we again looked for the object, we did not see it again.

The object was also observed by workers at the John Heathcoat factory and I believe reported in the local newspaper. I can give no explanation of what the object was.

I am however certain that it was not a natural phenomenon, but controlled by some form of intelligence.

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