Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Of The Orange Lights Explained (Tai Lanterns) Dublin, Ireland

A Vike Factor Note: Besides the person who wrote the message below, I have received other messages today stating that folks had let Tai Lanterns go, they are also called UFO Balloons. So for some areas what people witnessed were Tai Lanterns.

Hi Brian, I'm writing in relation to all the posts about strange lights in the sky on New Year. I think they're most likely flying lanterns, like mini hot air balloons. Me and my friends let off a lantern on New Year's day in Dublin, and I was actually looking to see if anyone had seen it and thought it was a UFO when I came across your site. We let ours off at 6:00am though, so I doubt that many people saw it. They do burn pretty bright though and we could see it until it was about 2 or 3 miles away I guess. I think the idea with them is that people write messages and send them into the sky for the New Year. Here's a link to a website for them

This would explain the reports of multiple lights moving in the same direction(with the wind), why there was a lot of sightings early on January 1st, and in one case I read where they seemed to be launched from behind houses. Hope this helps.

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