Sunday, January 3, 2010

Orange Lights Seen Scattered Across The UK On Numerous Occasions

Hi Brian, I put a search in for the orange balls of light and found your blogspot page and decided to send you an email. To date I have seen these now on 4 different occasions, both in Scotland and where I live in Greater Manchester. When I was at my parent's house last Christmas, my Fiancée and I spotted one glowing, fiery ball out towards Arran from West Kilbride in Ayrshire. It had rose up out of a fog bank that was spread right down the Firth of Clyde between Ayrshire and Arran. It certainly seemed to be piloted as it changed direction a few times and headed west away from us towards the north end of Arran. After reading reports in the local paper (The Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald) we wrote an email to them to tell of our sighting as there had been a wave of them, put down mostly to 'Chinese Lanterns'.

The next sighting came in August, again back at my parent's house in Ayrshire. I had took my dad out to watch for the International Space Station fly-over. As it was directly over head this orange ball of light came out from behind a fog bank from the southerly direction towards Ailsa Craig. It went directly up, then a nearly 90 degrees turn to follow on the same path going easterly under where the Space Station had been (by our reckoning, but hard to judge if it was nearer to us or out in the atmosphere).

My Fiancée saw it around two weeks ago at 6.00pm from the Kitchen window here in Greater Manchester while washing dishes. She felt strange as she 'felt' like she was going to look out and see something. I ran for my digital camera, but could not find it on the back screen. I have tried on the two occasions in Scotland to picture it and again, it doesn't seem to show up in the viewfinder.

On New Years Eve/Hogmanay I was putting bottles into the bin in our yard and something made me look directly up into the sky. I say something made me look up. It was a strange feeling like my Fiancée had that I 'felt' compelled to look. The orange glowing light was overhead and was extremely bright while overhead. I ran for my digital camera, but this time, had it on video setting. I took footage for about 30 seconds. It's not great footage, but an orange object flashing can be seen. It seems to just switch off and disappear. The strange thing is I phoned my Mum and Dad a few moments later to wish them a Happy New Year and they were seeing waves of them in Ayrshire. At one point they seemed to be all over the sky, seeing 8 at one time. My uncle had seen 3 in formation a few nights previous from Steveston, looking towards the Troon area.

I honestly do not know what they are or what to make of them. Can they all be Chinese Lanterns? And if they are, is it a coincidence that members of the same family can see them in Scotland and in England at virtually the same times? I have not seen a Chinese Lantern so have no frame of reference, but on all the occasions I have seen them, they have been relatively clear nights except for pockets of fog or misty cloud and the objects seem to use them to 'hide' itself for some of the time. Added to that I have seen them change directly almost instantly. They seem to behave a little like helicopters, but have no sound and just an orange, almost flame-like appearance. If you would like me to send you the footage let me know. Kind Regards and a Happy New Year.

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