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Two Extremely Bright Lights Over Taipo Hong Kong

Date: November 8, 2009
Time: Evening.

Hi Brian, I don't know if you remember the report I sent you in French from Hong Kong in 2007 to your HBCC site. I reported seeing a triangular UFO.

I'd like to give you a new report of two lights my girlfriend and I saw last November (2009). I never made a report because as far as I remember you were selling your website. I found you again via Rense shows. Glad you are still taking in reports.

On Nov. 8th 2009, my GF and I were at a BBQ site with some friends not far from where we saw the two lights later. After eating a lot, my GF wanted to show me the dam (please check Google map Tai Mei Tuk Road, Taipo, Hong Kong) because I had never been there. We told our friends we would go for a walk. It is only a short distance between the BBQ site and the dam. On that night it was amazingly clear for Hong Kong, you could see many more stars than usual.

If you look on Google map, the dam is facing a reservoir and a country park called Plover Cove. Just before getting on the dam. I jokingly said to my GF that we might be able to see some UFOs. We walked a bit on the dam and decided to sit on the edge of it facing the reservoir because there is no light pollution coming from that side. My GF was amazed at the number of stars you could see that night. We could also saw planes with their usual light patterns and all.

After watching the sky in silence for about 10 minutes, something unusual happened. We both at the same time looked at what appeared to be two stars getting brighter. We are pretty sure they were not there prior to this. They were getting brighter and brighter in a synchronized way. They did not appear to be attach to one object because you could see the sky between them. My GF was in awe and I was very calm and happy to see this.

They got quite big compared to a star. Then they got dimmer and dimmer at the same time. They never moved during the whole event. Then they were so small again that they looked like stars, but got smaller and smaller until they just disappeared. It took my GF 10-15 minutes to process the whole experience because she could not believe what she had seen. There were other people around, not too close though, so we are not sure if they saw the 2 lights or not. I did not have my cell camera on me as I left it in my backpack at the BBQ site. The lights were way above the country park on the horizon (East direction).

We went back twice since then but never saw anything unusual. After doing some research I found that Nov .8th 2009 had a special meaning in the Mayan calendar. Not sure if that is related. I was thinking of going back for the next major Mayan calendar date which should be soon in October or November this year (2010).

Great reports on Rense shows:) I enjoyed them all. I also tried the flashlight thing when I was around 12 years old with another friend. We heard a weird sound that freaked us out and few days prior to that the hotel or area we were staying at lost power. That was in the 1990's in Switzerland. I always had a fascination for the unexplained since 6 or 7 and UFOs since 9 or 10. Thanks Brian.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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