Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bright Orange Glowing Object Over Southend On The Sea Essex UK

Date: April 28, 2010
Time: 7:40 p.m.

Hi Brian, thank you for giving me an avenue to express my emotions. I have contacted CNN in America, CNN in the UK and BBC in the UK and all the newspapers international. I called national radio Talksport and on there I got to say what had happened to me, but the show was half joking, so I need to put it across with fun or they would have cut me off. The producer said to me after the call, that they want to get me back on when they do a longer show. It's such a horrible feeling to not be able to say what you have seen. If I had seen an accident, I can call 999 and the ambulance would come and the police would take my statement. I then would have some kind of closure, but this feeling is just horrible.

The sighting happened on 28/4/10 at 7:40pm in the United Kingdom, Southend on the Sea Essex, it was still very light and I just popped down to my local shop to get a few beers for the Barcelona Milan semi final football. As I turned the corner of the street, I noticed a very bright orange glow in the north sky. It was coming from the direction of the local Southend airport.

At first I thought, police helicopter and then I thought, no they have a bright white light. As I walked and watched, it got bigger and bigger and bigger. I stood behind a telegraph pole, this object swerved to the left and flew down my road at about 300 feet high. This thing was massive. I would estimate the size of a large detached house, maybe bigger. It was glowing and pulsing and burning fire, but this was a fire that I've never seen before.

It was like lava from a volcano and it was a perfectly round from the front and from the underside. As it went over me, I cupped my hands together to increase what I could hear, I can tell you categorically that this made no sound whatsoever. I just wish that my car ran like that. As it passed me it was round from the rear and then all of a sudden it veered left again and within seconds it was gone.

One very strange thing that happened, was that there was 3 other people that I called and they saw it as well, but we seemed to go our separate ways without discussing what we saw. Now I'm getting a real freaked out feeling, of course I remember we just walked away and said, my god how strange. Sorry Brian, that has just come flooding back to me as I'm writing this now. I said to the wife yesterday, that I was proud to be human, that's the first time I've ever said that.

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