Saturday, May 29, 2010

UFO Changes Shape Over Manila Philippines

Date: Mid January 1990
Time: Approx: 3:00 p.m.

I live in the Philippines. At that time I had an office overlooking the Pasig River which flows through the city of Manila. In mid-January of that year, at around 3:00pm, with the sun on the other side of my building and about 45 deg above the horizon, I looked out over the river and saw a small, bright white object just above the horizon. I thought it was a small, single-engine plane, apparently coming straight towards me.

As it got nearer, however, no discernable shape resolved itself. It remained a completely featureless cigar shape, silvery white in color, like white paper or possibly aluminum under bright sunlight (the sun was directly behind me).

It never dropped to an altitude at which anything, trees, buildings, telegraph poles which might have given a clue to it's distance from me, and hence it's size. However, at a point I rather arbitrarily judged to be directly over the river, it changed direction and began following the course of the river. If it was over the center of that body of water, then its diameter might have been that of a large dining table, or a rowboat.

As it moved over the Guadalupe Bridge (as I judged it), it wobbled slightly up and down, but did not yaw. It gave the impression at that point of adjusting itself to the visible dimension that it was in.

It then began to rise diagonally, and eventually disappeared into a cloud at about 3000 feet.

The entire phenomenon was visible for about 5 minutes.

As it rose, it's shape appeared to change from cigar shape to ovoid to round. I interpreted this to mean that it was a flattish saucer, which I had initially seen almost edge-on. Kind regards.

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