Monday, January 4, 2010

Objects Was Fire Orange And Seen Over Cardiff UK

Date: January 1, 2010
Time: After Midnight.

Hi Brian, my name is (name removed) and I'm so excited. I'm not sure who or how to contact someone about 2 UFOs seen tonight over Cardiff. I, my wife, our 7 year old son and our newborn were visiting friends in Ely for the New Year. As I was packing the last of our things into the boot and belting our son in, I noticed a strange object in the sky.

I called over to my wife to take a look and we soon realized this wasn't exactly "normal". There was an orange flickering light hovering in the air. It was irregular shaped and didn't seem to hover perfectly still, but rather a slight side to side movement. This prompted me to comment to my wife that it appeared as someone was flying a kite which seemed to be on fire.

It originally looked to be just a matter of a couple city blocks away, until it moved off. Then I realized it could have been miles away. My wife ran back to our friends' house and got them to come outside to witness it for themselves. We watched this object ascended pretty much vertically until it was out of sight due to cloud cover. One weird thing I did notice was when it was approaching the cloud cover, I could see light from the object being reflected off the bottom side of the clouds, almost like a white spotlight. That was strange enough until you consider that the object was fire orange with shades of yellow and red. No white light to be seen.

We watched this object ascend out of sight and were shuffling back towards the car, when I noticed another object exactly like the first. These two objects acted independently of each other and didn't seem to follow the same flight path. The first one rose almost vertically and the second one was on a much more horizontal plane.

I do have some sort of video evidence, although I have not yet looked at it. I don't hold out much hope because it was my phone cam, with no flash and from a pretty fair distance.

So, now... what do I do with this info? I know the police are not interested and I wouldn't tell any kind of governmental agency, as I don't trust them.

Feel free to give me a ring. My number here at the house is (number removed). I'm off to peruse my videos.

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