Friday, January 13, 2012

Orange Lights West Of George Western Cape South Africa

Date: December 11, 2011 and January 1, 2012
Time: 11:30 p.m. up to 12:15 a.m.

Hi Brian, on New Years eve at about 11:30 up to 12:15 we also saw these lights. We were a few people that saw these orange lights and it was also over the Outeniqua mountains.

They appear to stand still and then start flickering and the disappeared at great speed into thin air. They were also in a tri angle, but also were in a straight line. We first saw them on the right of the Outeniqua pass. On the horizon and later more to the west of George.

The last ones was coming lower in from the west and at first we thought it was an airplane coming into land, but it was bright orange with no landing lights and also did definitely not landed. It also started flickering and the disappeared into thin air.
After all the people left our place, I was still looking for these lights UP to 2:30 but there was nothing.

I am also puzzled about it.
Have a great weekend.

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