Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gray Disc Shaped Object Over Kenilworth Centre Cape Town South Africa

Date: July 2010
Time: Afternoon.

Hi there, I consider myself fairly open minded, so it wouldn't really surprise me if it came out on the news one day, that UFO's are real.

I was an overcast day, July 2010.

My boyfriend and I were walking to his house from Kenilworth Centre, Landsdown area, on a Saturday afternoon. As we were walking and talking, on the bridge, I noticed a movement a few metres away, by the school. I thought it was just a bird. But then, the "bird" stopped in mid air, now which bird while flying in a straight line, then stop.

I stopped and looked, trying to really concentrate on this object, to make sure it really is a bird. By this time, my boyfriend was curious as to what I'm looking at. The more I tried to show him, the more he thought I was kidding around, as he couldn't see anything.

It was a grayish, disc shaped object. Then the object moved fast to the right, then straight up, and gone. All this time, I'm trying to show my boyfriend, and he's just giggling his butt off, because I can see it, and he can't.

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