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Orange Lights Over Ammanford Carmarthenshire UK (Chinese Lanterns)

Date: February 11, 2010
Time: Approx: 7:30 p.m.

Hello Brian, I have just come across your blog after putting in a search on UFOs, as I saw 2 orange lights in the sky over Ammanford (Carmarthenshire) last night - 11th Feb 2010 and wondered if anyone knew what they were. My friend rang me at about 7.30pm to say that 7 orange lights were over his house in Ammanford again (he saw them on Christmas day 2009 at around the same time and tried to video them - there were 10 then).

I live about 3 miles away on the mountain overlooking Ammanford and have an uninterrupted view. I looked outside after the phone call, and saw 2 orange lights over the town which I thought were stars - as it was a clear night, until they rose higher in the sky in a straight line and disappeared. There was no noise (and I can hear helicopters over the town quite clearly).

I then thought that they may be metallic balloons reflecting the orange street lamps over Ammanford but my friend dismissed that idea, and I'm not sure I'd be able to see balloons from that distance.
Also, I've just come across an article where a lot of people saw them last year over Ammanford during a blackout, so I suppose I'm just clutching at straws really, trying to find a rational (non alien) explanation.

They may be Chinese lanterns, as someone here has suggested, as I think it is around the start of the Chinese New Year (10th Feb ?) and I notice that you saw them on New Year's Eve and my friend saw them on Christmas Day. Perhaps someone in the area celebrates these occasions by releasing them. I hope so. Thank you for your blog - it's interesting reading.

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