Friday, February 5, 2010

Chinese Lanterns Observed Over Sheffiled Chesterfield UK

Date: December 31, 2009
Time: Before midnight and afterwards.

Wish someone would look into these lights. I've seen them on two occasions, my mum witnessed them New Years eve too. I've seen other reports, numerous ones on the net for Sheffiled Chesterfield and over various places witnessing them. I'd put it down to Chinese lanterns, but they all seem to follow the same line and too far apart to be tied together, well some of them are. Tuesday night I saw over 12. I've heard one report of over 50. I saw two just before New Years and my mum saw up to a dozen on New Years eve.

Any idea what these lights are? I felt I could hear an humming sound, like a dull bi-plane, but not enough noise for what you would expect to come from 12 of them. Something weird is going on and I've seen a video on Youtube of them over Chesterfield and Newcastle looking exactly like what I saw, but more sporadic in the sky. The ones I saw apart from about 3 of them, seemed to follow the same line in the sky.

Hope this helps with other reports you been having on these lights, but I can best explain them looking like street lights following each other in the sky.

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