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100 Or More Orange Yellow Lights Above Muswell Hill In London UK

Date: October 31, 2010
Time: Approx: 11:20 p.m.

Dear Brian, I was browsing and saw your appeal for similar accounts. I posted this originally on and there have been no further postings after my account in that thread.

Please note: There were maybe 100 or more of these lights, spheres, and while at least one witness claimed they were 'Chinese lanterns' I *did* see 8-10 of them form a circle (as viewed from our point on the ground near Muswell Hill in London) as they kept on moving in their southerly direction.

Here is my account as posted there:

I and several other people witnessed an amazing display of lights in the sky above Muswell Hill from Victoria Road near the Alexandra Palace area of London late on in the evening of 31. October. 2009 Halloween!

The time was probably about 11:20 p.m. – I was walking up Victoria Road ( pointed away from the railway station) when a group of people standing out in their front garden area at an intersection of a cross street called out to me to look up at what was in the sky.

I turned to my right and witnessed a procession, a flotilla of orange/yellow lights, spherical, gliding silently past, all moving in the same direction, stately, but not all at exactly the same speed. The amazing thing was the sheer number of these lights – I estimate there must have been 50 – 80 or even 100 of them, all coming along in groups of 2-3 or 5-10 (approx.). They just kept on coming! We watched this display for fifteen to twenty minutes. They were not appearing in view or moving along in a straight line, single file, but all within what I’d imagine was 5-15 degrees of arc above or below one another.

I could not tell for sure their altitude, but I did have the impression that they were all within the same general altitude, and that this was not too far up in the sky, a couple of thousand feet, perhaps, possibly higher, maybe five thousand feet.

I was unable to estimate the size or diameter of these lights – But my *impression* was that if they’d been nearly the size of a small passenger jet (say, a BAC 111) that would have been about right.
The sky had some clouds, fairly low, and the orbs or lights would eventually vanish farther away toward the south. I couldn’t say for sure if they were becoming obscured by the clouds or just “disappearing”. I watched the farthest end of their line in the direction they were moving to try to ascertain which case it was, and again my *impression* was that most would simply “wink out”, though I believe I witnessed some of them entering into the cloud cover and disappearing that (conventional) way.

What was most interesting to me was the reactions of the various people witnessing this event. The people around me were rather unnerved by what they were seeing – They kept asking me what I thought we were witnessing.

“Well – it looks like they’re craft of some kind, either ours or ‘theirs’ ” I said, “ and it looks like they just want to show us that they can do this sort of thing.”

One of the people beside me asked me if I thought other people in London might also be able to see this, and then he phoned his brother who lived farther east in Greater London. He excitedly told the brother what we were seeing, and he stated that he knew his brother might think he was crazy, but we were actually seeing this! He passed his phone to me because apparently the brother was incredulous, and I stated calmly to the man on the phone that what the man next to me was saying was true, we *were* all watching this amazing display of what appeared to be intelligently guided lights (craft or whatever).

One woman walking to her car on the other side of the road watched for a few minutes and then called out to us as she was getting into her car that they were simply “lanterns” (Chinese lanterns) –
I looked back at these lights and I could not agree with her, they seemed to me to be probably some kinds of craft flying in formation, lots of craft and a few moments after this woman’s comment, 8 – 10 craft went into a circle formation (all the while continuing on in the same southerly direction at their same pace) and this reminded me of the NASA video footage from one of the STS Shuttle missions when a number of lights pop into view and form a circle above the Earth, and eventually one light also blinks ‘ON’ in the centre of that circle.

There was no light in the centre of this circle I saw, but it certainly occurred to me that if they *were* merely Chinese Lanterns, it would be unlikely they could manoeuvre themselves into a circle formation and maintain that configuration while simultaneously moving onward.

I felt no sense of threat, personally from this ‘flotilla’, but I did feel that whatever else might have been going on, this was a display intended to show London that whatever these were, they could fly
silently in large numbers and were definitely *there*.

What is kind of amazing is that I have seen no reports of this incident of fifteen to twenty minutes’ duration anywhere, but there were some lights seen in Lewisham and elsewhere around London that evening.

My son lives nearby and I phoned him as the lights were beginning to thin out, fewer appearing, to tell him about this and he caught sight of probably the last 10 – 15 lights from the back (south-facing) window of his home, but he was also of the opinion that it was probably Chinese Lanterns. I felt that without his observing the phenomenon for a longer period as we had done, he might well conclude that this was the case. But as I say, I felt that these were intelligently guided lights, of some sort.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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