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Orange Light Turns Into Dark Disc Shaped UFO Over Glasgow Scotland

Date: June 10, 2010
Time: Approx: 11:00 p.m.

Dear sir, I am a 40 year old male living in Scotland and I was recently conducting a search online with regards to an experience I had, had some days before. This search brought me to your website and a sighting a lady from Glasgow had on 2nd June 2010 I believe concerning bright orange lights in the sky.

Now, I myself on the evening of 10th June 2010 in Glasgow, I was returning home from dropping my kids back at their mums house as I regularly do at this time on a Thursday evening. It was just after 11:00pm as I drove back into the street where I live. There is a small Cul-de-sac just off the river and one quarter mile from the nearest helli-pad and seaplane. It was a lovely evening, having been a scorcher of a day (by Glasgow standards) the sky to the west was very bright, but to the east dark clouds.

As I turned the car in the road opposite my house to the east, I noticed a very bright orange glow in the sky, sitting stationery, slightly to the right of a dark cloud and in a bright part of the sky. I sat motionless watching this light, looking for signs of it being one of the many aircraft I see fly over every day, looking for the navigation lights etc., but nothing. All I could see was, was a very bright orange light sitting to the one side of a cloud.

I heard no sound and at this time I could make out no real shape, but I estimate the objects size to be approximately 30 feet in diameter and I am no expert, but maybe 2 thousand feet up. It was a large object shining really brightly, hovering over a major city, if you'd looked at the sky you couldn't miss it.

Anyway, still leaning out my car window observing this now for a couple minutes, I realized I had my phone with me and got it to video the show. I fumbled with it as I often do, took the lock off, tried to remember how to set the damn thing to video etc., when I realized (not for the first time) the memory was full on it and it required to delete some files to make space, I just tossed the phone on the passenger seat in disgust electing to just enjoy the show.

I glanced back at the sky to see the orange light fade out to the left and thought to myself, bloody typical I had missed 30 seconds of this messing around with my stupid phone. The light was out now and I now looked amazed because I could now see the objects shape. I can only describe it as charcoal to dark grey in colour, solid looking, almost sombrero shaped or as I would describe it best, as looking like 2 curling stones on top of each other, the one on top being smaller. It hovered there in the same spot for another minute or so as I watched on.

At this point I decided to pull my car across the street to the curb beside my house, still looking upwards and got out. The object started to move slowly and silently from east to west, to a position of almost directly above me, but at a reasonable altitude. I realized now I should try share this with someone and I called out for my brother to come see. He didn't reply as the object passed over slowly. I fumbled with my keys, now feeling a lot of excitement at what I was watching and observed only later that on opening the house door. I had actually bent my house key at an extreme angle.

My brother came downstairs wondering what the commotion was and stood with me for a further 3 minutes or so, watching it move off and disappear over the flats to the west, although admittedly all he
could make out, time he witnessed it, was a dark ball in the sky moving slowly to the west. For the record my brother has poor eyesight and know doubt in my mind he struggled to see any discernable shape in the object. Had he seen it while it shone in the sky, he would maybe today feel differently about it and to date has not stopped teasing me.

It was gone, no fuss, no commotion, just silent the whole time. I moved indoors to an ear bashing from my brother about disturbing his rest for anything less than a nuclear strike and thought what a shame he didn't really see it properly.

Upstairs I reached for a pen and paper to sketch what I had saw, not finding any A4 paper, I sketched it on the margin on a newspaper lol. Michael Angelo I am not. I went on my computer, started watching some UFO video sightings, etc., and checked out some of the many pictures taken and was amazed at the amount of similarities with my own experience.

But only when I noticed that some lady in Glasgow had actually witnessed something similar, did I feel obliged to write this down. I have no idea if this information is of any use to you Sir, but I feel better for having at least written it down, although I must admit the amount of hassle I've had from family and friends over this story made me think twice.

I hope to enclose maybe 1 or 2 pictures that I've found online that at least demonstrate, a little bit more clearly what I saw on June 10th. Thank you for your time.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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