Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lakes District Lancashire UK Object On Photo ?

March 19, 2009

Date: March 11, 2009
Time: Daytime

Hi, Last week, Wednesday 11th March 2009, I drove to the Lake District with my girlfriend for a day out. While we were there we both took a number of digital photos using our digital camera. We had a great day driving all over the lakes and didn't get back home until late and when we got back home we just crashed out. It was only the next day that my girlfriend spotted the unusual dark triangular shaped object when she downloaded the photos into the computer. I was out shopping when I received a text message saying something about a UFO on a photograph. I telephoned her and she explained, and when I got back home I studied the photo for ages.

It was my girlfriend who took the photo in question, she clearly remembers taking the photo of the Jumbo Jet flying over head and says that the camera zoom was locked on full. We both remember seeing the aeroplane flying towards our direction, and can categorically state that no other objects were visible at the time of taking the photo.

I would not like to suggest what the object is as I have already had my head bitten off for suggesting that it might be nothing more than a bird, bug, trash, computer glitch, etc.My girlfriend asked me to contact some experts to see what they had to say.

I have sent you the photo in question. Our camera lets you see the original photo as a negative image, and I have included this also.

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you to the person for sending along a report and the photo.

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