Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 Orange Colored Lights Observed Over Somerset West Cape Town South Africa

Date:  February 27, 2012
Time:  9:45 p.m.
Hi Brian, last night at 9h45, I noticed 3 orange lights travelling from the Simons town area towards the northern suburbs. They were what seemed to be increasing in altitude at a constant rate. 

When the first two seemed to turn towards Cape Town, my daughter saw the 4th one coming from the same direct in exactly the same path/route, until this one also turned and disappeared out of sight.

We also saw an aircraft flying toward JHB and specifically noticed the typical strobe lights flashing on the aircraft. But these red/orange blobs appeared to just glow with no flashing lights or anything.

The pictures I took, when zoomed in looked like elliptical in shape, but it was dark and they were very far away.

What are your observations/comments? Regards.

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