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Two Orange Globes Filmed Over East Of Barnsley South Yorkshire England (Picture)

Date: March 13, 2010
Time: 4:10 a.m.

Dear sir, the attached photo was taken by me on the 13th March 2010 at 4:10am. through my open lounge window, East of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England. The object in the picture is neither as clear as I saw it with my eyes and it is also much larger in life than it seems to appear on the photo.

My digital camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-10 (SLR type) has a fairly small screen, so is difficult to see objects in the wide angle mode in daylight let alone at night. As I did my best locate it through the lens and even though I could not actually see anything on the black screen. I took a gamble and took 2 snaps, if anything was captured it would likely have been out of focus, because the camera couldn't lock onto anything in the centre of the lens to focus on, plus it was hand held which wouldn't have helped.

You can imagine my amazement when I downloaded the snaps to my computer to find a tiny orange dot near the bottom of one of the pictures, as I said the actual size of the object was much larger in reality, it was 2 globes one above the other, close together and travelling as one. It was travelling north to south. As it approached my home from the left and as it reached a position over the field's directly opposite where I stood, it stopped and remained motionless for several seconds before it started to climb quite quickly, almost vertically but slightly at an angle towards the east, until it was so high and became so small it disappeared from sight. The whole process of ascending took around 10 seconds. It was a clear (starlit), still night and it made no sound.

I have now seen this object 3 times in the last few months, twice the balls appeared in a horizontal or slightly diagonal configuration, but the last time (pictured) they were vertical. The sightings have been between 11:30pm and 4:10am. Some people may believe that the sightings are of Chinese lanterns, but I doubt this because of the fact that twice the objects have come to a standstill for several seconds, also the speed at which the last sighting ascended so quickly to such a great height and lastly I believe them to be much larger than any lantern I've seen on internet video's.

The first time I saw these UFO's it was brought to my attention by a neighbour who was walking home past my house around 11:30pm, he pointed up and behind me and said, "have you seen that, isn't it unusual" I was stood at the gates of my driveway at the time, facing away from the direction he was pointing and as I turned and looked up I saw one large orange/red glowing ball slowly moving west to east about the height of a fairly low flying police helicopter. It was totally silent and it was a clear, still night.

As I watched it moving over my home I walked back to my door and as I did I saw it at a different angle and realized it was 2 balls, side by side positioned almost horizontally, which viewed from behind and looking up would give the appearance of one ball. I quickly moved through my house from back to front and opened my lounge window to continue watching the objects progress. At this stage I was viewing it from behind and again it appeared as one ball. It carried on slowly moving East for several seconds over the fields opposite my home, when it came to a standstill . I believe it was motionless because it remained fixed in position between 2 branches of a large leafless) Sycamore tree I have in my garden. It didn't change size, as I expect it would have had it been travelling in an absolute straight line (in a different direction) away from me, which could give the effect of being still. I continued to watch for a few seconds, then turned to grab my camera, but in the second or two it took to do that the object had vanished. At the speed it had been travelling this could not have happened, as I have an excellent wide view of the skyline from my window, north, south and east, it would have still been visible no matter what course it would have taken.

The second time I saw it, some weeks later, it was travelling east to west, maybe a hundred yards south of my home, at a slightly faster speed but about the same height. Again I followed it's progress but didn't think to grab the camera as I went through the house to the back and outside, where I followed it's progress towards rooftops and going through a patch of thin cloud, until it went beyond the rooftop horizon, it appeared and disappeared several times as it travelled through the different density of the patchy cloud. Once again it made no sound and it was a still, almost cloudless night.

One night, some weeks later, I got up from my sofa, glanced through the window and saw a bright light travelling north to south, above the fields opposite my home, it was like a pencil or rod shape and was bright white, it was not much higher than the previous object sightings but it did travel a little faster, it took only a few seconds to disappear beyond the point I could continue to follow it's progress, approx 1 quarter to 1 half mile, depending on it's height. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to get my camera.

I would be extremely interested if you have any similar pictures or reports of what I have been witnessing the last few months. BTW. I have never seen anything like this before and I am almost 59 years old. Sincerely. website:

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