Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Orange Lights Leap Frog One Another Over The Yarrabah Range Gordonvale QLD Australia

Date:  Approx: 2004
Time:  Evening.

I was visiting a friend in Gordonvale, QLD when she pointed out some strange lights moving just above the Yarrabah Range. These were also moving south to north. The first orange light appeared much larger than the three smaller ones following it.

What I found strikingly abnormal was that the first light was cruising along at a steady pace while the smaller three appeared to be "leap-frogging" over each other. I had the strangest impression of a Mother and her 'babies'.

We watched in awe for at least 15 seconds before I called out to my brother and then they just suddenly disappeared. It's like they heard us. Oh, and this happened about 8 years ago.

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