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2 Large Orange Balls Of Light Over Collingham Nottinghamshire England UK

Date:  July 12, 2012
Time:  9:43 p.m.
Good Evening, I just saw your email address on World UFOs website and wanted to report a sighting.

I live in Collingham, Near Newark in the county  Nottinghamshire, England. At 21:43 British Summer Time (This evening 12th July) I saw in the eastern sky 2 large orange balls of light, orbs. These lights at first I thought to be reflections from a street light, until I actually realized they were very slowly moving through the sky from west to east.
These two orbs appeared to be a long way away, but were still large in the sky. They were definitely not lanterns. The weather conditions here have been blanket cloud for days. These things were clearly beneath the clouds.
I have checked space weather and local weather and cannot find any logical explanation for the sightings.

My first thought was "weird coloured stars", but on having that thought I immediately knew it was incorrect, as these things were way too big to be stars. They were illuminated orange and had quite a glow to them.
They were not flashing, and had no "indication" lights on them like an airplane would. These things had no real structure, and were just 2 balls of light.I am a very amateur astronomer, but I know enough about the sky and planets to know that these were not an astronomical appearance - these things were in the atmosphere above my local area.

They were flying side by side, a small distance apart. The pair were heading east, but the left hand one of the pair was moving at a very slight angle towards the right hand orb.

These orbs disappeared extremely slowly behind a rooftop, so I went out into the street to watch them through a gap between buildings. In around 15 seconds, these things had completely vanished without a trace. I could see enough ground and horizon to know they had not fallen below my line of sight. They had just disappeared.

2 friends also witnessed this separately to me. They were 2 miles away to the west down a country lane and spotted the orbs, and the other witnesses raced 2 miles in their vehicle to track these things as they headed east.
By the time they reached where I was standing, the orbs had vanished. My friends were totally amazed by what they had seen - a gentleman in the car is the biggest skeptic of the paranormal I have ever known, yet he was totally lost for words and unable to explain these things.
Also, maybe by coincidence, while these things were in the sky I was attempting to telephone someone to tell them to look. My cell phone always has full 3G high speed network coverage in this area, indoors and out. I had full signal during this event, yet could not make any telephone calls, not to any number (I tried many, and my phone remained with full service for the duration).
My telephone bought up the screen to say it was "dialing" the call, but just stayed on this screen and never attempted to make the connection. I use a brand new smartphone that is 100% trouble free and I know the phone handset was not to blame.  
It was as if these things were stopping my telephone from connecting a call. It wouldn't send SMS either. Within 10 minutes of these things disappearing, my telephone resumed connection calls. There was no indication of my telephone losing network or signal at any time, it remained full.
I was unable to get pictures, but these things were similar looking to the photos on the internet when searching for orange lights in the sky. Thanks.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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