Friday, April 13, 2012

Bright Orange Lights Seen Flying Over Buninyong Golf Club Buninyong Victoria Australia

Date:  April 13, 2012
Time:  N/A
Hi Brian, my wife and I just witnessed a bright orange light move across the 10th hole of the Buninyong Golf Course and straight in front of our lounge room which faces the course.
It moved slowly with no noise and seemed to hover before moving eventually out of sight heading south. It didn't seem very high in the sky, and it seemed to have some shape, but it could have been my eyes playing tricks.
Certainly weirdest thing I've ever seen in the sky. There was no wind at all and skies were crystal clear so doubt it could have been a lantern as it moved sideways and almost stop at one point.

My wife is an investigator and I'm a business analyst so we are skeptical, but we could not come up with any logical explanation.
I would love to hear if anyone else witnessed this. Cheers.
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