Thursday, December 11, 2008

Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England Oval Shaped Object

Posted: December 11, 2008

Date: November 21, 2008
Time: 23.00 till after 12.00

Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Oval
Weather Conditions: Dry, thin cloud

Description: The same as my 14th November sighting (A faint oval patch of whitish light moving quite quickly across the sky in a straight line, describing a somewhat erratic 360 degree turn, retracing its trajectory and repeating the same course for over an hour in total silence.) - but this time there were two oval patches of light, one fainter than the other, and they were moving in roughly circular and opposing trajectories, appearing to cross through each other, again for over an hour.

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

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