Sunday, March 23, 2008

Port Elizabeth On The South East Coast Of South Africa UFO Sighting

Posted: March 23, 2008

Time: +- 20 years ago.
Witnesses: 2.

Description of phone conversation: My name is Carol (Surname removed as requested) I am going back many years but the story is still in my mind.
My parents were out taking their early evening stroll by the Golf course on Mill Park road in Port Elizabeth, when they saw on the Golf course an UFO which had landed. Carol can not remember details as it was too long ago but she remembers them telling her that they saw no activity or aliens and, can not remember what happened after that.

She was not alarmed as she has always known that she is not of this world but, that she came from the Pleiades. When I asked her how she new she replied," I just feel it within myself". She remembers when she was in the Amazon Jungle on holiday she looked up at the magnificent sky full of stars and seeing the Pleiades made her feel good, contented and at home.

I would like any person from that area to report to me or Brian any stories of UFO's in this neck of the woods.

Thank you to Peter for all the reports. Peter just done two interviews by two reporters from 2 local weekly newspapers. As a result of the articles published by them I received the following sightings. I will describe what this lady told me by telephone.

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