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Torquay And Preston, Paignton, U.K. Bright Lights Oval In Shape

Posted: May 8, 2008

Date: April 26 and 28, 2008
Time: Various.

Location of Sighting: Torquay and Preston, Paignton.
Number of witnesses: 10
Number of objects: 8
Shape of objects: Possibly ovoid (bright lights), one had a squashed bell appearance.

Full Description of event/sighting: There seems to have been something interesting happening over the weekend of 26 - 28 April over Torquay, England. a coastal town which is some three miles away from Preston, Paignton, where minor sightings took place.

The reports all started with my own report to the press. I witnessed stange lights in the sky over my house on 26th April, 2008. Following the press report, other instances came to light. I was intrigued enough to follow them up and visit all parties concerned. This is a summary of the seqence of events that transpired.

Date: April 26, 2008

Daytime, 5.30am.

Object unwittingly caught on camera at sunrise, below the cloudline and only discovered when photographs downloaded. Blown up it appears to have a squashed bell shape, with a cross marking on what is assumed to be the leading edge. Another photograph taken moments later in the same spot shows no sign of the object. Plotting the location at a later date it appears to be over the position where the later major sightings witnessed by myself and one other family took place.

During the day a similar object is reported to have been seen by an aquaintance of the man who took the photograph a little further inland. It was reported as a bright light in the sky which took his attention or some moments whilst he was driving along and then 'disappeared'. This is only anecdotal at this stage.


9:00 p.m.

A diffuse red light seen over the sea at Preston, Paignton, which 'shot off' in a westerly direction.

9.20pm (the start of the major sightings)

A bright white/orange light seen approaching my house over the roofline of houses in this built up area of Torquay. It had the appearance of the landing light of an aircraft and, although we are on the flightpath to nearby Exeter airport, aircraft do not usually fly this low and show landing lights. It was totally silent although it was apparently flying at the normal height of a light aeroplane when engine noise would be readily apparent. Speed was around the same as a light aircraft too. It disappeared over the tree line at the rear of the house in an angle of descent that would lend credence to a fairly low flying object. I saw red scintillation of light as it passed silently overhead.

The weather was clear with no cloud and dusk had just turned to dark.

My wife, son and I were unable to explain this and returned indoors. Some three minutes later my wife announced a similar object approaching on the same line. We again went outside to observe and, apart from it being a litte redder in appearance, it followed much the same path as the first, although slightly to the west to judge by its path over the treeline.

We were so dumbfounded by what we had see that we completely overlooked the possibility of taking photographs.

I recorded this second sightng as ending at about 9.30pm and later approximations showed the line of flight to be almost directly south to north.


Our house is on the facing slope of one side of a built up valley. The house where the next sighting took place is on the reverse slope (or rather at the top) of the opposite side of the valley, although intervening houses obscure our view of each other.

This sighting was observed by a family of four (and I later heard that friend of theirs had also seen it). Essentially it mirrors my own and one can only assume that the objects seen wer the same although, in their case they were seen travelling fom north to south (ie retracing their path from the direction in which I had seen them). However, in this case the objects were seen to hover (over the same location appoximately 220 yards away from the point of observation), move slightly to the east and then move away to the north east (however, in the second instance the object just disappeared without moving away). The description venture by one of the witness was that they thought something was on fire in the sky.

Again, approximately three minute intervals were recorded between the various sightings and the objects seem to have been traversing precisely the reverse direction of my own sighting (correlation of this is easy because of observed landmarks visible to both families).

In this case the lady of the family captured a poor quality image on her camera phone. She reports seeing oange and green lights on the underside of the second object and a blow-up of a computer download of the video image does, indeed, show a green ring.

Strangely neither family witnessed the other family's sightings, although both would have been in full view (or at least partial view) of the other since they more or less traversed the valley in between.

These later sightings were recorded (on the camera phone video) as having concluded at 9.40pm

10:00 p.m.

Red object observed to be hovering over the water at Preston, Paignton in much the same position as the red light previously reported at this location. In this case it was seen to be shining a beam of light on the sea which then extinguished as the object flew off to the east.

28th April


White object, later observed to have a truncated triangle shape, seen describing spiralling circles high in the sky, moving out to just off-shore (in the same location as the red lights seen in this vicinity on 26th April). It eventually shot off towards the west. Weather was clear but with high cloud.

I have visited and spoken to all parties concerned in these sighitngs and have absolutely no reason at all to doubt their veracity or good intentions. Additionally I have checked with the Police and Coastguard who confirm that there were no helicopters operational at the due times and dates, and Exeter Airport confirms that no landings were expected on 26th April when the major sightings took place.

There seems to have been a spate of sightings all over the world on this particular night, and a cluster of sightings at this partcular time in England (i.e. 9.30pm on Saturday 26th April).

Make of it what you will, but the concatenation of events is intriguing to say the least.

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